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I and the CSC Library, Archive and Sexual Community Center need your support NOW! 

When you donate at the $50 level you could receive a personal reward from me— Library Vixen cumming just for you— and if you need a sample. 

Pledge $50 or more: Orgasmic Sound Recording

Donors who pledge $50 or more, will receive a specially created sound recording of a woman pleasuring herself to orgasm — just for you.

Less than 8 hours remain to pledge to the Center for Sex and Culture’s Grace Alley Mural project on Offbeatr. This project will only succeed if at least $2,000 is raised by December 22, 11:30 pm. We’re over the half-way mark at this time of writing, but we’ll need your help to make it to the finish line.

Donate herehttp://offbeatr.com/project/grace-alley-mural-project-10161016955

The Center for Sex & Culture is in the process of conceptualizing and creating a public art project, the Grace Alley Mural Project, to be featured on the exterior of the Center for Sex & Culture building on the wall at Grace Alley.  We have a team of our very own notorious (and not-so-notorious) muralists prepared to collaborate on this Mural, a highlight of San Francisco’s sexual history and culture.  Our group of talented artists includes Eddie CollaFinley CoylAmandalynn, and Éclair Acuda Bandersnatch.  Their work on Grace Alley will pay homage to our city’s past sexual renegades, founders, activists and healers.

The Mural will be situated amidst nightlife, non-profits, neighborhood residential and mixed commerce — but it’s also a location in need of beautification to our Public Spaces.  It will emphasize the good work of non-profit organizations centered around sex, enhance the good work we are doing here and let the surrounding community know we are an organization that plans to stay and grow in this neighborhood.  The Mural will be a celebration of sex-positivity, knowledge and the work San Francisco has pioneered and achieved on behalf of sexual health, education and openness.

This Mural is a true labor of love — for sex, the community and the sex community, but we ask for your financial support to make this loving project really happen.  Specifically, your monetary donations would help toward the rental of electric scissor lifts (to be used to physically elevate the artists as they work on the wall), artists’ commissions and project supplies.  Any contributions you may be able to provide toward that estimation will be deeply cherished!

To see more images of the Grace Alley Mural Project follow us on Facebook, visit our Tumblr, or come see it in person at 1349 Mission Street in San Francisco, but we need your donations to fill this wall with art. 

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